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  theo1 7f2a4fee07 Using Vuex action to async/await the mutation and get an up-to-date state. 2 years ago
  theo1 5b94913feb updating package-lock.json 2 years ago
  theo1 01b07b0d0f More consistent use of getters in UserInputPage 2 years ago
  theo1 8b9445f29b Setting date to today in ArticleForm using button 2 years ago
  theo1 8a67263a74 Cleaned up, meta update not working 2 years ago
  theo1 3b5f57d4a2 updated README 2 years ago
  theo1 5f65262a9d functional editing of old articles 2 years ago
  theo1 576a014df8 Commiting first version 2 years ago
  theo1 170281482e first shot of a vue-based MD parser 2 years ago